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Let’s be honest, most of us are stressed. In fact, more than half of American’s polled in an American Psychological Association March-April 2020 Covid-19 related stress poll said they’re stress levels are high.

I have seen firsthand with my clients and personal experience how high chronic stress can impact on our daily lives. High stress impacts nearly every aspect of our overall health, including our happiness.

While stress is inherently apart of us (it’s the nervous system response that protects us from danger), we want to better manage and reduce our daily stress responses.


  • Mindfulness exercises – start by identifying 3 things your grateful for in the moment and in your life, research shows this simple practice can reduce depression and anxiety

  • Breathing exercises – activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest state) by taking 3-7 deep, full, mindful breaths (full inhales and exhales)

  • Movement – you don’t necessarily need to exercise or get a long workout in, simply move your body every day. Even a 30-minute walk releases endorphins and reduces cortisol levels

  • Food – eat real, whole foods. Focus on eating the rainbow of fruits and veggies and high quality protein and fats, and reduce the amount of sugar and inflammatory foods

  • Sleep – aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Develop a bedtime routine that calms your body and mind, and turn off the technology at least one hour before bed

  • Creativity and Hobbies – stimulate your creativity by spending time in nature or with a hobby

  • Have Fun – this may be the most underrated (or forgotten) management tool of them all, yet laughing not only creates a physiological stress response, it improves mood and happiness

This list is just the beginning. Experiment and find the tools that work for you, prioritizing these areas. They are the foundation to living well.

Want more? Download your free copy of my 30 ways to de-stress visual guide:

What are your favorite tools to manage your stress? Comment below!


Live Well,


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