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Hi, I'm Janelle

I’m a wellness enthusiast, mindful movement and meditation teacher, change agent, self-loving advocate, and most importantly a proud mama of two. 

My own struggles with stress, anxiety, and mental and emotional challenges throughout many different experiences have led me on the lifelong quest of personal discovery to feel and live my best, whole self.

For years I cycled through short fixes, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage until I realized I needed to get to the root of my issues. What started as a weekly yoga practice transformed to a lifelong journey of returning back to myself over and over again through intention and mindfulness.


My purpose is to remind you to lead with love, trust who you are, and guide you to return to your true self. 



I’ve experimented with all sorts of tools and practices to shift my energy and improve my well-being throughout my healing journey, and I share it all here.


My purpose in this lifetime is to overcome life stressors, heal, and teach, while giving you permission and a safe space to do the same.

Through mindfulness and movement, I guide you in reconnecting back into your true, whole-loving self so you have the confidence to overcome your own blocks and live your authentic truth.  


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Yoga is a terrific way to strengthen the body and the mind! Lindsay caught up with local wellness and yoga coach Janelle Laurito and found out there are plenty of other benefits, including destressing!

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