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When I first started working with Janelle two months ago, I was drinking two Red Bulls a day, skipping breakfast, and had ignored the gym for six months because of a running injury.

While working with Janelle as my health coach, we set goals to improve my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I haven’t had a Red Bull in two months, I eat delicious açái bowls for breakfast daily, we set attainable fitness goals, and I leave our monthly check-ins feeling good about myself.

Janelle is the perfect balance of accountability and support. I feel comfortable telling her when I “slip” from the plan. It’s easy to open up to Janelle and you can tell she thoughtfully is developing some way to help you achieve your goals each time we meet. I am so grateful for her, and the past four months have truly improved my quality of life and is 100% attributed to Janelle.


I started working with Janelle during this past April in a 4-week program called Spring into Summer Reset. During these 4 weeks, Janelle was an amazing source of support and information – she taught us so much about the benefits of consuming whole foods versus highly processed foods, and how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day. She recommended tools, such as the Insight Timer app, to help kick start our journey into meditation. I found this extremely helpful as I was able to explore it at my own pace and figure out for myself what kinds of meditations worked best for me!

After the 4-week program was over, I started a one-on-one coaching program with her. Her guidance and genuine interest in helping me reach my goals made it so easy to keep up my motivation week after week. She makes you feel so good about accomplishing even the smallest task, and I always feel more positive after talking with her. Even if I wasn’t upset going into our conversation, I always feel lighter after talking with her than I did before. Janelle always provides such a positive and caring environment to learn and grow – I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to work with her!


I am so fortunate to have found Janelle and our yoga community at The Studio at NBX at a very difficult time in my life. Janelle has a way of fostering my healing and growth not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She has an uncanny way of hitting home with her readings or thoughts for the day that truly speak to me in such a way that sometime I think she has been reading my mind.

Her gentle and soothing manner makes my yoga experience a safe and restorative start to my hectic and harried day. I carry her peace filled practice with me through out my day. I am a much better Mom, Boss, sister, and friend when I start my day with Janelle’s class.

Her simple but practical corrections have improved my practice and postures that over the years I thought I was holding correctly. Clearly even after practicing yoga for a number of years there is always room for change and improvement. Janelle’s adjustments resonate with me and have helped my practice flourish to another level.

I am blessed to have her as an instructor in my life.


Before we worked with Janelle we came up against obstacles that complicated our objective which was to give students a dedicated yoga day in a dedicated yoga space – we wanted this to feel different from school yet be at school. Other yoga practitioners and studios were interested in the focus of teaching teachers to infuse yoga into their classroom practices and protocols. Our objective was to allow that to naturally happen as teachers and students practiced together over an eight week period, and it did. 

First it was her enthusiasm and appreciation of our intention to help support desuetude’s social and emotional well being, development, and awareness through yoga, but when I witnessed her energy and calm and how it resonated with our middle school students, I knew this partnership was symbiotic.  

To have 11 year old children coming into school and excited that it’s “yoga” day and then report back to me what they did and how they felt, is exactly what I had hoped for in our program.  We have planted seeds and signaled to the school community and families that this matters because we are dedicated time and resources to it and moreso because it benefits the emotional well being of our kids. 

Her open heart and mind allowed us to create a program that was simple and accessible to children.


I have worked with Janelle over the past year on developing and implementing a Wellness program for a very challenging population.  Janelle has been great to work with.  She has always been professional and prompt.  But what makes Janelle so good at helping others make positive changes in their lives is – she walks the talk and leads by example.
You cannot help but be drawn to her joyful, optimistic spirit!


The URI Alumni Association was fortunate to have Janelle as a featured speaker for the 2019 Women’s Council Spring Symposium. Her presentation on health and well-being was informative. engaging, and resonated with the audience. She shared practical tips and suggestions for “living well” that everyone can apply to their every day life. Our students and attendees were raving about her for weeks after the presentation. I would recommend Janelle as a professional speaker to any organization!


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