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For years I was scared to see a chiropractor because I thought it would hurt. I was so wrong!

I started seeing Dr. Kevin Pelton after my doula suggested I see one late in my pregnancy. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help the baby get into the correct position in the pelvis, and can even help encourage breech babies to reposition to the correct position.

I started seeing Dr. Pelton 36-weeks pregnant for preventative care. At the time I was having minimal lower back and hip discomfort, which is very common during pregnancy. I saw him weekly until the baby arrived. During treatments he adjusted my pelvis to proper alignment that helped my baby get into optimal position, and ultimately descend the birth canal with no trouble.

I have also seen Dr. Pelton postpartum for further pelvic adjustments to encourage optimal healing for my pelvis. He’s also adjusted parts of my spine including my neck, in what he calls “new mother syndrome” because I’m hunched over and nursing so often.

I can’t speak enough on how helpful I’ve found chiropractic care. I feel heard and safe during my treatments, and can confidently say it doesn’t hurt one bit. I barely feel any sensation during the adjustment, but certainly hear a gentle cracking or popping sound. For me it’s encouraging to feel the blood flow through the areas once the adjustment has been made, and to not feel any discomfort in the days or weeks following.

Chiropractic care will certainly be a self-care tool I lean on when I know my joints need some help. I hope my experience can help ease any fear you may have!


Live Well,



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